This Resource Page is Dedicated to Helping You and Your Community to Navigate Uncertainty.

This page has resources dedicated to:

Supporting Children Under 12

Children under 12 years of age require caregivers, teachers and supporting adults to help and coach them side-by-side to navigate feelings of uncertainty. Here are six key areas of focus or intents for parents, teachers and supporting adults to bring focus to in their support.

This tip sheet offers practical strategies for parents, caregivers, teachers and supporting adults: click here.

Supporting Others Through COVID-19

LBI Foundation have developed the following key resources. First, a video that describes how to support others build wellbeing and resilience in the context of COVID-19 world uncertainty.

The following factsheets extend the content in the attached video:

The following resources support the explanation of COVID-19 to children and young people.

Wellbeing Plan for Youth and Adults

The following LBI Foundation video provides an overview of wellbeing and the PERMA model as a method to build personal and collective wellbeing. It is designed to be explored side-by-side between two or more people. It is linked to LBI Foundation's Care IMPACT Community Development Stream.

We encourage you to explore the video side-by-side with others, and develop a PERMA Plan for yourself (and/or your community). You can download this factsheet and guide to help you here.

External Contacts

The following are a selection of key resources and contact points for people struggling with uncertainty.

Can you please notify us ( if you find any engaging, simple and clear explainer tools/videos.